Testing Services

Whole House

Testing servicesPart of Smart Choice Heating & Cooling’s commitment to you is to ensure that you have access to state of the art technology. The infiltrometer test (commonly known as the ‘blower-door’ test) finds the invisible leaks in your home that allows your conditioned air to escape.

These invisible leaks could be forcing you to spend more money for energy than you aren’t utilizing. And, although this test can reveal some smaller problems that you as a homeowner can repair on your own, once you have the facts we provide, you can feel secure leaving the larger, not-so-easily-fixed problems to our experts!

Duct Testing 

IMG_6601A form of pressurizing the duct work and recording how much air flow is lost. Typically, we pressurize the house and duct work, and whatever energy loss we have is lost to the outside of your living space. The outside is considered unconditioned space. Any airflow lost; your house naturally needs to restore back in to the system (like Gravity). For example- the attic and/or the crawlspace.

It could be very detrimental to have any leaks at all. Duct testing is vital because leaks in the supply ductwork cause expensive conditioned air to be dumped into the attic, crawlspace or garage instead of into the house.

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